Offseason moves prove the difference in Yankees

NYYankeesAuthor: Ian Echlin

The difference in the Yankees this year has been the offseason pickups. Masahiro Tanaka might be the prodigy that everyone hyped him as. Carlos Beltran hasn’t aged a bit, and Jacoby Ellsbury has the best batting average on the team.

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Is it time to dump Moustakas?

Author: Dalton Vitt It’s been a long 12 games for Mike Moustakas, and an even longer stretch for any fantasy owner who bought into him as a late-round sleeper. But while Moose hasn’t lived up to his amateur draft first-round pick in either of his two full seasons or the beginning of this one, it’s not time to give up on him just yet. Think about it this way: all you spent on the young third baseman was a very late-round pick in your draft, so it’s not like you were expecting a whole lot anyway. Slow starts happen – especially to 24-year-olds – so let’s get at least three weeks into the year before we jump to any permanent conclusions. Continue reading

Need a catcher? I got you bro.

MesoAuthor: Jay Miller

He’s a former 1st round pick from way back in 2007. The most famous resident from his home town has his own holiday, he is, Devon Mesoraco and he is from Punxsutawney, PA. Ryan Hanigan was shipped off to TB when the higher ups decided Mesoraco was ready to catch day in and day out for the Redlegs. He has always been solid defensively, but now his bat is starting to shine through and give him some fantasy relevance.



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In real life, I would trade Moustakas for a 10 piece McNugget meal

April 14th 2014


Polo Grounds – Ep. 0007

On this weeks podcast episode you get to find out what we learned after the first week of the regular season. Kelly gets a chance to throw it down on his previous Billy Hamilton prediction. We talk about fantasy studs and duds during week one and the much anticipated return of “real or real fake.” Finally, we throw out some names that you need to take a look at for possible pickups this week.

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Baseball Movie Fantasy Lineup

MaeAuthor: Jay Miller

Everyone has their favorite baseball movie. Me, personally, Field of Dreams takes the cake. It’s even referenced in How I Met Your Mother “Bro Code 41: A bro never cries. EXCEPTION, watching Field of Dreams.” Others prefer Major League or Major League II, but NO ONE prefers Major League III. Major League III is worse than Caddyshack II. Can I get an amen!? They all hold special meanings for us. We remember watching Sandlot as kids, wanting to be Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez or throwing a perfect game and handing the ball over in the ninth to chase down a girl who is getting on a plane. Ok, maybe that was overkill, there’s always other planes going to San Francisco, but I digress. What if they were real, what would the fantasy team of movie baseball players look like? Well, here is mine.

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Everyone Gets a Trophy…

CYOur writers have their season and postseason predictions in already. So, let’s get down to the specifics. Who is going to take home the hardware. We had to slim it down a little because every position has a Gold Glove award and Silver Slugger award, so we had to cut those out. Our writers will tell you who will win MVP’s, Cy Young’s, Comeback Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year and Manger of the Year in both leagues. I bet you can’t guess who Kelly picked as the MVP in the American League…

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World Series predictions!

ReggieAh, the Fall Classic, where legends are made. So many people can thank the World Series for their place in Major League Baseball history: Reggie Jackson, Derek Jeter, Kirk Gibson, Bill Buckner and even that umpire who called the dude safe in the Cards/Royals series. All it takes is one play and “BOOM!!!” everyone knows your name like you walked into Cheers or something. Although it was not in the World Series, but just ask Jeffrey Mayor how it feels. Let’s get back to the point. Our writers look at fantasy numbers every single day, but we’ve been talking real baseball for the past week. The division predictions are all in. It’s time for some World Series picks! Let’s get it on!

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