You don’t want to talk about the past? Who are you, Mark McGwire?

April 22th 2014


Polo Grounds – Ep. 0008

Just like every week you get to find out what we learned about Major League Baseball. You get to hear our picks for the National League and the oddball team one of our writers put in the playoffs from the NL East. We drop some mad knowledge on you about who to drop, add and trade away, trade for. Also, Kelly has a major revelation that we caught on audio!

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Jay Miller FINALLY chooses a favorite NFL team

GodellAuthor: Jay Miller

Let’s take a step back, and take a day out of baseball for a huge announcement. With the NFL draft coming up in a few weeks I decided it was time to stop skating by. For years the question has been asked of me, “Who’s your favorite football team?” The answer I had to give was “I don’t have a favorite team, just my fantasy team.” Which in a sense, gave me an edge on my competition in fantasy football. I never chose guys from my “favorite” team or drafted with my heart hoping a guy from MY team would have a good season. Those days are over! It’s time. I have made a decision. I, Jay Miller, have decided to take my fandom talents to…

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Lets Meet, George Springer


Author: Kelly Shipp

All the Astros were waiting for was time to pass in order to call up this hard hitting rookie.

By now we have all heard of George Springer, the 24 year old power prospect of the Houston Astros who is rated as the 21st best prospect in America by But just how good is he, and can he really make a difference for you as a fantasy owner?

Let’s first start out by getting to know this young rookie. George Springer was drafted in 2008 by the Minnesota Twins in the 48th round out of Avon Old Farms School in Connecticut. He decided to go to college like most kids drafted in the mid to late rounds. At the University of Connecticut he dominated pitching ending his 3 year college career with an outstanding .346 batting average, 53 doubles, 10 triples, 46 home runs, 196 RBI’s and even stole 76 bases. While Springer was with the Huskies we improved from a 48th round selection to a top 12 pick. Continue reading

Offseason moves prove the difference in Yankees

NYYankeesAuthor: Ian Echlin

The difference in the Yankees this year has been the offseason pickups. Masahiro Tanaka might be the prodigy that everyone hyped him as. Carlos Beltran hasn’t aged a bit, and Jacoby Ellsbury has the best batting average on the team.

While all of these guys are accounted for, the Yankees still have some players that could fit on your fantasy roster. Continue reading

Is it time to dump Moustakas?

Author: Dalton Vitt It’s been a long 12 games for Mike Moustakas, and an even longer stretch for any fantasy owner who bought into him as a late-round sleeper. But while Moose hasn’t lived up to his amateur draft first-round pick in either of his two full seasons or the beginning of this one, it’s not time to give up on him just yet. Think about it this way: all you spent on the young third baseman was a very late-round pick in your draft, so it’s not like you were expecting a whole lot anyway. Slow starts happen – especially to 24-year-olds – so let’s get at least three weeks into the year before we jump to any permanent conclusions. Continue reading

Need a catcher? I got you bro.

MesoAuthor: Jay Miller

He’s a former 1st round pick from way back in 2007. The most famous resident from his home town has his own holiday, he is, Devon Mesoraco and he is from Punxsutawney, PA. Ryan Hanigan was shipped off to TB when the higher ups decided Mesoraco was ready to catch day in and day out for the Redlegs. He has always been solid defensively, but now his bat is starting to shine through and give him some fantasy relevance.



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