What the First Half Has Taught Me

tanakaAuthor: Daulton Perry

So the first half of the 2014 season has come and gone and the All-Star game was quite an emotional one for any true baseball fan out there….you better know why. #2…that’s all I will say. Anyways, with the first half being over, it is time to reflect on what the first half has taught me and what I have learned thus far. Continue reading

Tulo runs away with 1st-half MVP

Author: Dalton Vitt

We’ve made it to the midway point on another fantasy baseball season, and if you’ve had a little luck like I have, then you’re sitting pretty in the top half of your division. We’ve had plenty of surprises, including Jose Abreu’s monster rookie season, Troy Tulowitzki’s insane numbers and some untimely injuries to big names and up-and-comers.

While, the real Major League season can cool off for a few days, the fantasy world is going to really start heating up. Most playoffs begin with the first day of September, meaning there’s just a little more than a month for teams to claw back into the race or make an impact trade. Continue reading

What I’ve noticed from the first half

ToddFrazierAuthor: Jay Miller

Tommy John surgeries have really changed the face of fantasy baseball this season. Top pitchers like Jarrod Parker, A.J. Griffin, Kris Medlen and Jose Fernandez have gone down and changed the seasons for many fantasy owners. We all went through it together and have come out the other side, together. Unless you owned multiple TJ candidates… then the fantasy baseball gods simply hate your guts and don’t want to see you win a title…EVER! Besides TJ surgeries, I have learned so much from the first half of the season. Let’s go through it, you guessed it, together.

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Possible trades and the fantasy ripple effect

troy-tulowitzki-rookie-baseball-cardAuthor: Jay Miller

The trade deadline is a few short weeks away. By now we can tell that some teams are buyers and some are sellers. Teams will make small trades to better their team that will not have a big impact on the fantasy world. But, every year around this time, something crazy happens when team’s are looking toward October. So, who’s next? What big names could shake up the fantasy baseball world?



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The genius and fantasy value of the Jeff Samardzija trade

SamardzijaAuthor: Jay Miller

Originally, in spring training, Oakland was my pick to go to the World Series this season. Season ending injuries to starting pitchers A.J. Griffin and Jarrod Parker made me change my mind. Although I still had them winning the AL Wild Card and possibly the West if the Angels couldn’t right the ship. Everything changed on Saturday. It is safe to say that Billy Beane has the best team in the American League, if not in all of Major League Baseball.

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Fire Works

List of Players who made the MOST 1st half FIREWORKS

 Fire WorksIn honor of the 4th of July and all the celebratory fireworks that go along in celebrating our nation’s freedom, I thought it would be a great idea to create a list of players that have made the most “Fireworks” during the 1st half of the season. This list will be done by position, regardless of league. Some players may not have played in a particular position that much but since they have position eligibility at said position they can still be placed at said position. All the players selected are guys who entered the 2014 season with low expectations but instead had their fuse lit and blew up like fireworks! You will not see guys like Trout or Miggy because they were already expected to have monster years.

Let’s all just sit back, grab a beer and enjoy the show!!! Continue reading